Sponsors - Antonio Varcasia

My work is 100% outdoor activity. Exploring, travelling, boating, fishing in places where the natural elements can really prove your gear and tackle. For this reason I have decide since many years, to work with the best brands in the market.

To protect and to carry my stuff around the globe I have chosen Peli products: all my cameras are fully protected by lifetime resistant case and Peli lights help me during my long night filming or fishing.

Feiyu Tech that provides me electronic stabilizers and gimbals that helps me a lot for making very cool videos even in very unconfortable situations.

I always like people that have new ideas and makes new trends, and also for this reason I enjoy Mojo Sportfishing gear, a new brand from USA that soon you will see in many countries. Mojo is hi-tech, protective gear and very trendy apparel. Finally I use Costa del Mar sunglasses for my eyes UV protection and polarization in the outdoors.

My boat have the best electronics from Humminbird and Mercury Marine that helps me to access to the best spot for fishig and to navigate safe in the waters of Sardinia Island.